stone talisman

What they are:

• A playful talisman to attract love, wonder, and a little mystery into your everyday.

• Created with hand stitching, natural stones, silk threads, vintage linens and silk kimono fabrics.

• Reiki blessed stones, cleansed under a full moon

• A hand-printed quotation and a leaflet filled with information about your stones.


How to use:

• Place your arcana tin in a pocket or bag, and carry it along with you.

• Meditate holding the talisman, or just the loose stones.

• Create a spritual space with the talisman as its center. Add symbols of the four elements to add more vibration. (example: feather-air, shell-water, candle-fire, your stones-earth!) Don't forget to set an intention for what you want to bring into the space/your life.

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stone talisman's Ingredients

Vintage Tins from Switzerland

Antique Linen from Maine

Vintage Silk Thread from Germany

Vintage Kimono Silks from Japan

Vintage Hand Printer Kit

(hand printed quotation)

Natural Stones from

Mother Earth

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