What is arcana?

Historically, arcana, from Latin, refers to the deep secret of nature sought by alchemists; a secret essence or powerful remedy; an elixir.

Personally, I am shifting the traditional chemical exploration of arcana (turning base metals into gold), to a more modern, physical exploration. A quantum shift into the world of energy, and more specifically, subtle energy. Subtle energy is the catalyst to help heal and balance, the secret essence.

Creatively, arcana is the name of my new line of artwork that helps one connect with subtle energies.

arcana sprouted from:

a) my love and continual wonder of the natural world. Gaia is where I ground myself, draw inspiration, and experience the beautiful synchronicities between spirit and the physical world.

b) my study and practice of energy work through meditation, chakra study, energy healing—specifically Reiki, crystal work, and spiritual space creation.

I believe that subtle energy is the deep secret of nature.

Our awareness and connection to it's vibration and movement is fundamental to our spiritual evolution and healing.


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stone talisman

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crystal chakra tins

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